Madhya Pradesh Human Development Report 2002     (PDF Format)

      The Human Development Report is for us an instrument to share our concerns on our failures and mobilise collective action for our unfinished agenda on education, health and livelihood security. Government... do not have the luxury to rest with reporting and analysis. In a democratic polity they are voted to office to make change. So our Second Report was as much a report on what we have done on the failures we had identified.


      This is the 3rd Report looking at Human Development in Madhya Pradesh, following the 1st Report published in 1995.  The Madhya Pradesh Human Development Report 2002 explores on education, health, livelihoods related issues of the State.   

Chapter-1 : Education 

Chapter-2 : Health 

Chapter-3 : Livelihoods

Chapter-4 : Institutions

Chapter-5 : Inter State

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