The assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB) is also semi-concessional, which is one of the principal source of multilateral external assistance to India.  ADB is a major regional financial institution and India’s subscription to the Bank’s capital stock is the fourth largest of all member countries after Japan, the USA and the People’s Republic of China. 


    Eligible to borrow under the criteria laid down by the Asian Development Bank, India voluntarily refrained from borrowing initially. However, in order to broad base resources, it was decided to commence borrowing from ADB in 1986.  The ADB also provides technical assistance in the form of grants or loans or a combination of both, by making available the services of consultants or experts to facilitate the transfer of resources and technology to the developing member countries


Indian contact address:

Resident Representative, 37 Golf Links,

New Delhi - 110 003


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Source: GOI, Web-site.