Canadian International Development Agency



Canadian bilateral development assistance to India started in 1951. The aid mainly comprised Development Assistance, Food and Technical Assistance, Canadian Assistance is channeled through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  The assistance is extended mostly in the form of technical assistance and the assistance through the receipt budget of the Government of India is quite negligible. Canada is also assisting NGOs outside the bilateral programme.

Canadian assistance which used to be project assistance for meeting the import/local cost requirements of specific project and non-project assistance for purchase of miscellaneous goods, industrial commodities, fertilizers and food assistance was given new orientation under the CIDA’s country policy framework for India established in the year 1991. The emphasis of Canadian assistance has now shifted to softer aspects, such as linkages development, economic policy support (including business and private sector development), social equity and environment. The underlying principles of the new policy framework are collaboration and partnership. The three main objectives of CIDA’s country policy programme for India is:

(i)                      To promote economic and social policy reforms in India.

(ii)                    To contribute to India’s capacity to promote environmentally sound development.

(iii)                   To assist in building a stronger economic relationship between Private Sectors of both the Countries. CIDA’s programming focus is on projects of humanitarian nature which emphasize poverty reduction, gender equity, environment, human rights and child labour.


Indian contact address:

 Counsellor Development, Canadian High Commission, Shanti Path, New Delhi


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