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State Credit Plan for Government Sponsored Schemes



The State Credit Plan 2016-2017:

As an overall credit plan perspective efforts led by RBI and NABARD, the Directorate of Institutional Finance is undertaking an exercise to coordinate plans of the State Government for Credit linked Government Sponsored Schemes and the District Credit Plans since 1992-93. The District Collectors are using this document to initiate “Development Dialogue” with stakeholders including Banking/ credit institutions within the Districts in consultative forums like BLBCs/DLCCs. This exercise removes information asymmetry and facilitates early planning of credit flows in the District. Potential Linked Plans prepared by NABARD shall also be referred while designing credit flows to various sectors of the District economy. 

All efforts are being made to make this document the most comprehensive and to include all credit linked Schemes of the State Government. The process of collection, consolidation and verification of the data from all the Departments of the State Government is very rigorous and lengthy process. Ideally, this document shall be published in the month of December but it is not possible as the Departments finalize their plans and targets after the month of December. The first edition of the State Credit Plan included seven Government Sponsored Schemes in the Year 1992-93. The current edition of the State Credit Plan for the Year 2013-14 includes 28 Schemes sponsored by 17 Agencies representing outlay of Rs.7545.06 Crore. There is significant increase over outlays for the previous financial years. The important additions are Rural Housing Mission and Education Loan which represents new priorities of the State Government. 

This is a practitioners’ document and will be very useful planning tool.