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The aid mainly comprises Development Assistance, Food and Technical Assistance. The assistance extended by USAID at present is in the form of grant. Initially, the main thrust of US assistance to India was on projects that were designed to strengthen key institution and transfer of resources for infrastructure programs in agriculture and social forestry. Since mid-1980, the priority has been diversified to include science and technology dimension focusing specifically on the commercialization of technology. Health and Family Welfare is also one of the top priority areas.

 The priority areas are:

                          Economic Growth: Financial Market Reforms, State Fiscal Reforms, Urban Financial Management;

                          Health: Reduce Fertility, Reproductive Health, Healthier Families, Prevention of HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases, Child nutrition;

                          Environment & Energy: Better Access to clean Energy and Water, Power distribution.

Indian contact address:

USAID, B-28, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi


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