About DIF
The Directorate of Institutional Finance, Finance Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal
(  Government of Madhya Pradesh )


The Directorate of Institutional Finance was established as a Cell under the General Administration Department in November 1976. Later, this Cell was transferred to the Finance Department in December, 1977. The main responsibilities entrusted to this Directorate was illustrated in the G.A.D.'s letter No. 7267/33/VI/DIF/76 Bhopal dated dated 24 November 1976 (listed below). The Directorate of Institutional Finance has since been declared as Head of the Department.

 The Directorate functions at two levels - (i) Secretariat and (ii) Head of the Department. The functions at the Head of the Department is mainly relate to the formulation of projects and arrangement of institutional finance for projects concerning various departments, boards, corporations of the State Government and to coordinate activities of respective committees, projects, monitoring, etc. received from various departments/ financial institutions and follow up action, implementation of Acts and rules.

The functions at Secretariat level are mainly relate to coordination with various Government Departments, Corporations, Boards, Financial Institutions, Reserve Bank of India, Government of India and matter relating to Legislation, policy matters at the State level.

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