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List of PPP Projects discussed during 14-15 Dec 2007 at Indore Workshop

Name of the Municipal Corp./ Dev. Authority

Projects proposed on PPP basis


1.      O & M of Water Treatment Plants at Moti Jheel & Tigra

2.      Water Supply, Distribution & Maintenance network of Mahal Colonies

3.      O & M of Sewage Treatment Plants

4.      300 Bedded Hospital at Dholi Bua ka Pul Area

5.      Bus Terminal Development and Maintenance

6.      Transport Nagar Upgradation

7.      Marriage Garden at Murar

8.      Children's Park at Bal Bhavan

9.      Commercial & Residential Complex at :-

a.       Gandhi Market

b.      Dafrin Saray (Back side)

c.       Zone No.9 Building Murar

d.      Mini Swimming Pool at Phool Bagh Road



1.      Infrastructure Development-

a.       Bus Stand  (New & Old)

b.      Mela Ground

c.       Culture & Convention Centre

d.      Stadium (New & Old)

e.       Multi-level Parking/ Transport Nagar

f.        Land Development project

2.      Commercial Development-

a.       25 Nos - School Building

b.      Baldev Bag (7.5 Acres)

c.       JMC Office Complex

3.      Tourism & Amusement -

a.       Madan Mahal Hills

b.      Dumna Nature Reserve

c.       Pariyat Dam

d.      Khandari Lake

e.       Lakes of Jabalpur

4.      Service Delivery -

a.       Citizen Services

                                                   i.      Kiosks for Taxes

                                                 ii.      Tubewells - O&M

                                                iii.      Treatment Plant - O&M


1.      Water Supply in Nai Basti Area (Population 50,000)

a.       Distribution pipeline

b.      Maintenance

2.      Maitri Park

a.       Boating/ Swimming pool/ Gym/ Canteen

b.      Amusement Park for Tourism

(Land 8-10 Acres)





1.      Water Supply from Narmada (54 MLD) for 30 years

2.      Dev. of New Bus Stand & related infrastructure -


                                                   i.      Decongestion of City

                                                 ii.      Better facilities to citizens/ passengers/ Buses

                                                iii.      Reduction in Air pollution in core city area

      Limitation -

                                                   i.      Connectivity services between proposed & existing bus stand

      Available infrastructure -

                                                   i.      Sulabh Complex

                                                 ii.      Drinking water

                                                iii.      Electrification

3.      Transport Nagar Development -

      Location : Indore Naka

      Distance : 1 KM

      Area Available : 24.5 Acre

      Adjacent : Krishi Upaj Mandi

      Demand Assessment: Required

4. Shopping Mall -

      Location: Itwara Bazar

      Adjacent: With Kawada market

      Land: 60,000 Sq.ft.

      Others: Prime location, commercial location & Municipal Land

      Existing situation

o       300 shops (approx.) 30-40 years old existing

5. Swimming Pool Complex -

      Location : Jheel Udyan

      Land: Identified 25,000 sq.ft. near proposed new bus stand

      Benefits -

o       Safety & Security

o       Fulfillment of citizens needs

o       Commercial activities involved

6. Slum Rehabilitation -

      7 Locations

      ULB contribution through commercial use of vacant land

7. Veterinary Hospital

8. Parking

9. Sewerage Water Management


1.      Development of amusement park -

a.       Juneshwar Mendki Talab

b.      Meetha Talab

2.      Development of Parks in City area

3.      Development of Shopping Mall -

a.       Office complex

b.      Shalini Market

4.      Development of Bus Stops - 8 Nos

5.      Gentry Gate - Rasalpur, Vikas Nagar, Indira Gandhi Ghat, Bus Stand

6.      Development of Sub-Way (in future)

7.      Development of Transport Nagar (33 Acres)

8.      New Bus Stand

9.      Development of Township of 50 Acre in New Dewas Scheme

10.  Construction of Compost Plant Part-I

11.  Door to Door Collection, transportation & waste treatment Part-II

12.  Wind Mill (2x1.25 MW)


1.      Maintenance of Drainage lines

2.      Maintenance of Roads

3.      Solid Waste Management

4.      City Transport (Dev. of Bus Terminal, Transport Nagar etc.)

5.      Water Supply -

a.       Bulk water - O&M of Yashwant Sagar

b.      Maintenance of Tube-wells

6.      Parking, Hawker's zone, Slaughter house

7.      Maintenance of Regional Park at Piplyapala

8.      O&M  of -

a.       Ravindra Natya Griha

b.      Sports Complex & Zoo

9.      O&M of  Heritage buildings

10.  PPP in Real Estate Development for expansion of Town

11.  PPP in Implementation of Dev. Plan



1.      Transport Nagar

a.       Land to be available  = 30 acres

b.      No. of Transporter = 500

2.      Shopping Complex (near old Post Office with parking)

a.       Land Available = 0.73 acre

3.      Shopping Complex (near Tehsil with parking)

a.       Land Available = 0.73 acre



1.      Transport Nagar

a.       Land Available = 13 acres

b.      Transporters = 250

c.       Facilities - Shops, Hotels, Banks, Recreation Centre, Lodging, Petrol Pump, General Stores

2.      Water Supply (Service Contact) -

a.       Services - Leakage improvement & proper supply

b.      Charges - One time connection, Recovery (%age base)

3.      Shopping Centre & Bus Stand -

a.       26 Shops

b.      10 Bus capacity

c.       Location- Opposite Bhagyodaya & Moti Nagar Chauraha


1.      Solid Waste Management

2.      Sewerage Disposal & Dev. of Amrit Sagar

3.      Construction and Development of Bus Stand

4.      Development of Shopping Complex with multi-storied parking at Manak Chowk

5.      Azad Chowk Community Hall with Shopping Complex

6.      Sports Complex with Swimming Pool & Restaurant

7.      Auditorium with Hotel & Restaurant

8.      Development of Transport Nagar

9.      Development of Existing Industries Area



1.      Solid Waste Management

a.       Door-to-door collection & Transportation (Management Contract)

b.      Disposal of waste (BOOT/ JNNURM)

                                                   i.      Waste to energy

                                                 ii.      Compost

                                                iii.      Land fill site

                                               iv.      Recyclable

2.      O & M of Street Lights with Energy saving in whole city (Management contract)

3.      Distribution of Water in E1 to E7, Idgah, Koh-e-Fiza, Bairagarh (Management Contract with long term concession)

4.      Multi-level Parking (BOOT & VGF)

a.       New Market 1.25 acres

b.      MP Nagar 2.5 Acres

c.       10 No. Market 2.5 Acres

d.      Moti Masjid 0.25 Acres

e.       Jumerati 0.25 Acres

f.        Ibrahimpura 0.50 Acres

5.      Dev. & Operation of Community Facility Centre (Management Contract)

6.      Call Centre (Management Contract)

7.      Public Convenience with right to advertise (BOOT)

8.      Bus Stand (BOOT): Nadra, Putli Ghar

9.      Slum Rehabilitation on Dharavi Model

10.  Lawyers Chamber (Arera Hills New District Court Campus in 1.00 acres)

11.  Annapoorna Complex Ph-II (Multiplex in 3.00 Acres)

12.  Construction of Master Plan Roads in Bhopal (150 KM Approx)


1.      Development of Multi Level Parking by giving limited commercial space at old Fire Station (1,253 sq. mt)

2.      Development of Commercial Facilities and Parking near Gopal Mandir at Old Municipal Corporation Office (3,438 sq. mt.)

3.      Development of Bus Terminal and commercial complex by upgrading existing Dewas-Gate Bus Stand , Ujjain  (12,000 sq. mt.)

4.      Development of Commercial Complex at Sabji Market Area. (3,708 sq. mt.)

5.      Development of Sabji Market and Commercial / Residential Facilities at Bahadurganj (2,835 sq. mt)

6.      Development of Commercial Complex and Hotel at Grand Hotel (2,750 sq. mt.)

7.      Development of commercial and residential facilities at Old Upkaryalaya. (450 sq. mt.)

8.      Development of Residential/Commercial facilities at Old Jan-Sampark Office. (530 sq. mt)

9.      Development of Commercial Complex at Sanwer / Indore Road. (2,500 sq. mt.)

10.  Development of Commercial Park / Marriage Garden / Tourism Actvities at Chakor Park at Maxi Road (15,000 sq. mt.)

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