संचालनालय संस्‍थागत वित्‍त, मध्‍य प्रदेश,  Directorate of Institutional Finance, Govt. of Madhya

जन निजी भागीदारी परियोजना प्रकोष्‍ठ, Public Private Partnership Project Cell


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*       PPP in Health Sector Workshop, Bhopal 2-4 July 2011

*       PPP Seminar cum Investors Meet, Indore 24-25 June 2011

*     Training at Indian Institute of Management, Indore during Sep-Oct 2010

*      Bhopal Seminar on Water Sector in MP Dated 26-27 February 2009

*      Bhopal Seminar on Education in MP Dated 6-7 October 2008

*      Bhopal Seminar on Tourism in MP Dated 22nd May 2008

*     Indore Workshop on Urban Infrastructure in MP dated 14-15 Dec 2007 (List of Projects)

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*  Revamped VGF Guidelines for PPP Project-GoI

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* Model Request for Proposal (RfP) document for appointment of Transaction Advisor (Consultant): Hindi/ English (pdf)/ Hindi /  English  (Word)

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Collaboration between Central Government/ State Government/Private Companies and individuals to a public-private partnership (PPP). The range of private public partnerships is the best way to supplement Government efforts in improving public services.