Directorate of Institutional Finance, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal


Notice Inviting Comment on Discussion Paper

SUBJECT: Discussion meeting for appointment of consultancy firm to assist in successful implementation of Vachan Patra; review of capital & revenue sources and major schemes of GoMP.

    Meeting on the aforesaid subject will be held at 15:00 hrs. on 17th may 2019 in the meeting hall of Finance Department located at 3rd Floor, Vallabah Bhawan (New Building), Bhopal-462004. Interested parties may like to attend the same.

        Written comment on the discussion paper may be sent by 20th May 2019 till 1700 hrs. through e-mail at

        A separate letter is being sent to 12 participants who have participated in the earlier tenders of Directorate of Institutional Finance (DIF).

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